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We specialize in the design , manufacture , installation , maintenance of all kinds of Low voltage switch panels, power distribution boards, Low Voltage Panels, PCC panels, MCC panels with DOl starters, Star-delta, VFD, Soft starters, Auto transformers, PLC and inverter drives control panels,LT Auto-reclosers, Smart Feeder Pillars

All our products are built to conform to internationally acceptable standards with certifications from Standard Organization of Nigeria [SON] and International Electrotechnical Commission[IEC]


  • Electrical Designs and Consultancy
  • LV Control Panel Design and Assembly
  • Transformer Installation
  • Power Automation Processes
  • Power & Lighting Audit
  • Industrial Lighting/Wiring
  • Inverter & Solar Installation
  • Earthing/Lighting Protection
  • Embedded System Design & Integration
  • Internet of Things Applications
  • Electric Fencing Design & Installation


  • Smart IoT Modules
  • Low Voltage Switch Panel
  •  Automatic Switch Over Panels(ATS,AMF)
  • Manual Switch Over Panel
  • Synchronizing Panel
  • MCB Distribution Boards
  • LT Auto Reclosers & Feeder Pillars
  • Motor Control Panels(DOl,Star-Delta,VFD,Soft-starter,Auto-transformer)
  • APFC, Water Treatement ,Fire Hydrant Panel
  • Busbar Trunking and rising Mains

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More Than 30 Years Of Experience

Rowtina switchgears Ltd is one of the prominent leading Electrical company, providing complete industrial Automation solutions in Nigeria. We design and Integrate IoT(internet of things) solutions which makes our control panels more smart to be controlled and monitored from anywhere across the globe.

We specialize in the design , manufacture , installation , maintenance of all kinds of Low voltage switch gears panels, power distribution boards, PCC panels, MCC panels with DOl starters, Star-delta, VFD, Soft starters, Auto transformers, Low Voltage Panels like (AMF, ATS, AVR, Synchronizing ,Manual changeovers, Automatic Change overs, Street lighting, Distribution panels ), LT Auto-reclosers, Smart Feeder Pillars ,Fire Hydrant ,water Treatment panels, PLC and inverter drives control panels….Read more

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Rowtina Ai Smart module

LT Auto Recloser Feeder pillar

Automatic Mains Failure Panel (AMF)

industrial Motor Control Centre Panel

Manual Change Over Panel

Fire Hydrant Starter panel

Low Voltage Synchronizing Panel

Power Factor Correction Panel

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Taking leverage of the Rowtina AI Module amazing features in smart industry, LT Auto reclosers(Smart Feeder pillar) is a High-tech digital device, designed to solve most of the persistent problems in Low tension network which will put a stop to a high failure rates of electricity Distribution transformers, thereby improving the stability of electricity power supply. These device can be remotely controlled and monitored anywhere across the globe.

Rowtina AI Module & LT Auto recloser

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In search of protective equipment to reduce high rate of failure of Distribution Transformers , we deployed LT Auto reclosure produced by Rowtina Switchgears in our networks and the results has been marvelous and impressive.
Enugu Electricity distribution company
Integrating and Deploying Rowtina Ai Smart modules and LT Auto reclosures has adversely increase the stability in our Networks. Our substations are fully Automated , sytematically controlled and Monitored remotely. Stability of supply in problem arears has been improved.
Abuja Electricity Distribution Company
Having solved our problems with your Smart Low voltage Electrical Control panels, we are pleased to inform you that that your rating in all above parameters is Excellent and you fall in our "Preferred Vendor" category. we hope that in future also, you will continue to maintain the same performance and spirit
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