Rowtina Switchgears Ltd

Products & Services

All our products are built to conform to internationally acceptable standards with certifications from Standard Organization of Nigeria [SON] and International Electrotechnical Commission[IEC].


  • Electrical Designs and Consultancy
  • LV Control Panel Design and Assembly
  • Transformer Installation
  • Power Automation Processes
  • Power & Lighting Audit
  • Industrial Lighting/Wiring
  • Inverter & Solar Installation
  • Earthing/Lighting Protection
  • Embedded System Design & Integration
  • Internet of Things Applications
  • Electric Fencing Design & Installation


  • Smart IoT Modules
  • Low Voltage Switch Panel
  •  Automatic Switch Over Panels(ATS,AMF)
  • Manual Switch Over Panel
  • Synchronizing Panel
  • MCB Distribution Boards
  • LT Auto Reclosers & Feeder Pillars
  • Motor Control Panels(DOl,Star-Delta,VFD,Soft-starter,Auto-transformer)
  • APFC, Water Treatement ,Fire Hydrant Panel
  • Busbar Trunking and rising Mains

Our Products & Services


Rowtina AI Smart module

These is 4G/WIFI IoT Module used to control and monitor equipments/smart devices remotely via Rowtina IoT software anywhere across the globe.

LT auto recloser(smart feeder pillar)

This is Specifically designed to solve most of the transient problems in transmission line,there by reducing the high failure rates of Distribution Transformers

4 way analog feeder pillar

This is analog type of feeder pillar Specifically designed for Low tension Distribution Transformers

low voltage distribution panel

This is a low voltage distribution panel used in circuit protection  and isolation of  an equipment, device or a particular section in a big establishments like, Hotels, malls, hospitals ,factories etc.

Automatic mains Failure Panel(AMF)

This is a low voltage Automatic mains failure panel, can also be referred to as automatic change over or ATS. This is used to alternate between Two or more supplies in a building  automatically. can also be controlled and monitored remotely .

manual changeover panel

This is a low voltage manual change over panel ,mechanically interlocked .This is used to alternate between Two or more supplies in a building  manually. 

industrial motor control center

This is a motor control center  panel, used to  Power and Run industrial electric motors and is designed based on specification and application  of the electric motor or pump and can involve different starting techniques like DOL, Star-Delta, Soft starter ,VFD starter and Auto-transformer starting mechanism.

soft starter panel

This is a soft starter control panels, used to start an industrial motor pump with ease with out surge in Current and Voltage  supply due to high starting current in electric motors . This is preferred to Dol and Star-delta motor starting technique .

variable frequency drive starter panel

This is a Variable frequency Drive panel, used where the frequency and speed of electric motor are to be put in consideration. we mostly deploy this in systems that needs automation, sensors with PLC are used to achieve these. we mostly incorporate VFD in conveyor systems

fire hydrant starter panel

This a a fire hydrant or fire fighter starter panel, this is designed according to engine type and the capacity of both the jockey and main starts the deisel engine automatically .

APFC panel

This is an Automatic Power factor Correction Panel, designed to compensate for the reactive power loss and corrects the power factor to unity. it is advised to be installed in industrial establishment where power factor is to be taken into consideration

Synchronizing panel

This is a synchronizing panel where two or more alternate supplies are merged together automatically as the load demand increases.


Sustainable Energy

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable energy.


"A top service, really very great.One can say they are among the best as they are able to communicate and work professionally during design hand over process."
Samuel Udemba
Manager of Tri-Tech Technologies

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